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Loli character

I've been playing Magna Carta on the PS2, it came out awhile ago (it was in the stack of "to be played") but its very awesome. it has a VERY involved turned based fighting system that i LOVE which makes up for its lack of other RPG elements (run around hitting x all you want, you'll never find anything, you don;t even need to hit x to open doors). So far the story is interesting. I like bishonen but all the boys look like girls. their pecs are large enough to be A-B cups. You can tell the girls from the boys cause all the girls have D-FF cups. The voice acting in it is not bad in my opinion, but then again there really was only one game where it was so bad i had to put it on japanese. In any case its a great game. In it is a small girl that never talks and is incredibly cute, and very winter lolita like:

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Is it sad that the first thing I thought when I saw that picture I thought, "that would be an cool cosplay.."? *lol*

I've never played Magna Carta but I love the art.