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Hi there! I just found this community while on a quest to find pictures of Liddell! XD

My name is Spence and my favorite Lolita style is Punk and wa-loli!
I love all kinds of Lolita styles really, but those two I love the most (mainly because that is what I wear the most XD )

As for gaming, I'm not an elite player, but I do enjoy Bemani games. Music games are so much fun~
Do to my punk love, I highly enjoy Guitar Freaks and Drummania! I can't do any song levels over standard 27 though ;_; (this is why I say I'm not elite player). Though I enjoy playing the more fun songs like SA's Delight, The Local Art, NOIZ, and some others~

I like Pop'n Music so much now~ I live in Phoenix, AZ and recently Pop'n Adventure was brought to our Gameworks!
Sadly, I'm a five button level 20 ^^;
BUT it's still so much fun! The characters I love are Kanoko, Liddell, Cecil, Chiro, Nina, and a few others~ (Gokusatsu wut?)
I highly enjoy some of the older themes for shows (SAINT SEIYA FTW), but I love the rock songs mixed with other culture types of music. I fell in love with Nekomata Master's music this way.
I tried Lamento the other day and boy...It was a sad end for me XD But I love to play for fun, so maybe I'll master it and eventually work my way slowly to 9 buttons.

As for Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Drum master) I play for the soul purpose of stress relief and fun. When I'm mad, I need to play that one classical song that reminds me of dracula XD and for kicks, Idol M@ster songs of course~

I'm not huge into DDR, but I like to freestyle some songs and I like to play as Emi (especially her new outfit! That polka dot dress is so adorable it hurts XD )
The blonde girl (I believe her name is Yuri?), her little goth outfit was cute when it first came out, but she reminded me so much of Misa from Death note I couldn't play as her anymore (not that I don't like Misa, I just got to distracted with that mental thought)
But I mainly play standard mode songs like Doll, Himawari, Flowers, Gekkou Chou (ASAKI <3 ), Wookie wookie, and many more!

Des-row is amazing, he's in so many Bemani games I can't keep up. Plus I can't do many of his songs do to the fact my fingers and feet hurt so much after playing. The only song I've done well is DDR's standard mode of Daikenkai (my pathetic game play makes me sad XD )

I also play Pump-it-up, Syakkato Tambourine, Shamisen Brothers, Para Para Paradise and I've tried playing Beatmania, but I look dumb doing it, so I don't XD

Other than Bemani games, I love fighting games.
Tekken, Street Fighter, the old Neo Geo games (like Samurai Showdown), King of Fighters, etc. etc.
(and of course, I'm pretty sure most of you know about Lili from Tekken. She's cute, but she has this crane fist technique and it doesn't have much reach when you play D: she's decent at kicking, but her leg length is halted by her fancy boots. A very girly girl when you play her XD She's not bad, but against the muscular characters, you're kinda hosed without all of her mad combos XD )

I also do not own any gaming systems ;m;
I do own an old, red, Game Boy pocket with Tetris. I mainly go to arcades for games or I hang out with some friends who own all the systems known to man XD

I've been meaning to do full lolita and play some games, so when I do, I'll take some pics and post them!

If you read all of this long intro, then thank you for playingyour time! XD
hopefully I can do some more/better game playing in the future~
I would also love to play Touhou Project games!
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