September 11th, 2010


Name: Teya
Area: Pennsylvannia

Favorite Games: I'm a huge fan of nostalgic RPG's like pokemon and Legend of Zelda. I love most games with pretty colors and beautiful art. Other game themes i like are traditional japanese game themes, like in Okami. Of course cute games like graffiti kingdom are always fun too. I'm not a fan of FPS games, but i've recently really gotten into fighter games like soul calibur.

Lolita Fashion: I love colors, especially pink. But i also love black. I'm not a huge fan of gothic lolita simply because some the "typical" motifs aren't my thing, but i'd love to one day own a ghostly grey JSK. I tend to be drawn to sweet lolita more than anything, because i just can't resist candy or chocolate or fluffy pink unicorns. I'm actually not a fan of All over print (unless ofcourse it were an all over pokemon print!).
I also like guro-loli and the idea behind wa-lolita (though i haven't actually found a dress in the style that looks wearable..) Guro-loli makes me think of just saving the world from imanent destruction and wearing the aftermath of an evil over-lord. And besides, who wouldn't want to prance around in their blood soaked frilly finest shouting "I beat Ganondorf!!!".
  • Current Music
    Pokemon Red Blue Lavender Town