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Hey fellow frilly (or punk or aristocratic) gamers!

I'm Amber and I prefer Sweet and Elegant Lolita styles. I really want to delve into Aristocratic, but with very little... *ahem* bust and very much hip, I want to get into a little better shape before I start looking into those nice, straight lines and tailored items.

I'm mostly an MMO gamer. World of Warcraft is my fave but I also love Guild Wars. I play RPGs as well. My favorite RPG of all time is Eternal Sonata! In fact, it was my love of the game that helped me transition from "Lolita People Watcher" to actually wearing and making my own Lolita clothing (as a friend told me that the character design for the costumes in the game were done by an EGL designer, though I never did look up which one).

In other introduction news I'm up about three hours earlier than I usually am because my very first (sorta) brand dresses are arriving via UPS this morning! XD I'm playing Castle Crashers and Puzzle Quest while I wait. They're F+F which I'm to understand is considered "off-brand" but hey, they do customs and since I'm a size 16-18 depending on brands of non-Loli clothes so I don't really fit in the main brands.

Sorry for the tangent!
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