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Hi there~ Intro post~

I'm Averie and my favorite style of Lolita is sweet Lolita. I like almost every Lolita style though, except for Ero Lolita. Don't ask why. I just don't like the idea.

My favorite games are the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games. Currently I am playing KH: ReCOM and FF XII. I am a fangirl but don't worry, I'm not going to go crazy and kill every other fangirl. XD Other games I like are DDR, Cooking Mama, and the Sims (Although Sims 2 won't load for some reason! TT.TT)

Just for fun, here is the perfect picture of my love for both Lolita fashion and video games. Me with a Vincent Valentine cosplayer at Otakon 2009. XD He was awsome!


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