Hi there~ Intro post~

I'm Averie and my favorite style of Lolita is sweet Lolita. I like almost every Lolita style though, except for Ero Lolita. Don't ask why. I just don't like the idea.

My favorite games are the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games. Currently I am playing KH: ReCOM and FF XII. I am a fangirl but don't worry, I'm not going to go crazy and kill every other fangirl. XD Other games I like are DDR, Cooking Mama, and the Sims (Although Sims 2 won't load for some reason! TT.TT)

Just for fun, here is the perfect picture of my love for both Lolita fashion and video games. Me with a Vincent Valentine cosplayer at Otakon 2009. XD He was awsome! http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o192/silverrosealchemist/Otakon/CIMG0214.jpg


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Ohaithar gamerlolis :D
It's lovely to meet you all.

My name is Catie and my favourite styles of lolita are sweet lolita and guro. I love all styles of lolita, and the culture in general, but those are my favourites, and the styles I tend to dress in.
I love lots of types of video games, but my all time favourite game is Oblivion, the fourth Elder Scrolls game. I'd love to meet other lolitas interested in the game :D I like to play the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games as well, and I'm pretty good. I play other little games on my 360 as well like Feeding Frenzy, Zuma, Puzzle Quest, and Hexic. I used to have a DS, and I love the Cooking Mama games! I don't think Neopets counts as video games, but I'll add that in here as well.

It's nice to meet you all.
May the nine be with you :3
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Hey fellow frilly (or punk or aristocratic) gamers!

I'm Amber and I prefer Sweet and Elegant Lolita styles. I really want to delve into Aristocratic, but with very little... *ahem* bust and very much hip, I want to get into a little better shape before I start looking into those nice, straight lines and tailored items.

I'm mostly an MMO gamer. World of Warcraft is my fave but I also love Guild Wars. I play RPGs as well. My favorite RPG of all time is Eternal Sonata! In fact, it was my love of the game that helped me transition from "Lolita People Watcher" to actually wearing and making my own Lolita clothing (as a friend told me that the character design for the costumes in the game were done by an EGL designer, though I never did look up which one).

In other introduction news I'm up about three hours earlier than I usually am because my very first (sorta) brand dresses are arriving via UPS this morning! XD I'm playing Castle Crashers and Puzzle Quest while I wait. They're F+F which I'm to understand is considered "off-brand" but hey, they do customs and since I'm a size 16-18 depending on brands of non-Loli clothes so I don't really fit in the main brands.

Sorry for the tangent!
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Hi there! I just found this community while on a quest to find pictures of Liddell! XD

My name is Spence and my favorite Lolita style is Punk and wa-loli!
I love all kinds of Lolita styles really, but those two I love the most (mainly because that is what I wear the most XD )

As for gaming, I'm not an elite player, but I do enjoy Bemani games. Music games are so much fun~
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Loli character

I've been playing Magna Carta on the PS2, it came out awhile ago (it was in the stack of "to be played") but its very awesome. it has a VERY involved turned based fighting system that i LOVE which makes up for its lack of other RPG elements (run around hitting x all you want, you'll never find anything, you don;t even need to hit x to open doors). So far the story is interesting. I like bishonen but all the boys look like girls. their pecs are large enough to be A-B cups. You can tell the girls from the boys cause all the girls have D-FF cups. The voice acting in it is not bad in my opinion, but then again there really was only one game where it was so bad i had to put it on japanese. In any case its a great game. In it is a small girl that never talks and is incredibly cute, and very winter lolita like:

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Intro Post!

Hi!  I'm a mostly sweet lolita who is honestly a little too ADHD to play games for too long, but here are the games I like:

D&D (only if the DM is really wacky though)
<3 Munchkins (which is a card game making fun of D&D) <3
Magic: The Gathering BATTLEGROUNDS! as in for Xbox
DOA Volleyball (not gonna lie, half the fun is the swimsuits!)
and some good old Clue and Skip-Bo

there isn't much gaming at my house :( but I really love them!  my BFF is a mad gamer too, and I wish we could play more

yup, that's me.  and I'm always happy to learn of new games!

Lolita in my video game

Hey has anyone played a game called a game called No More Heroes? Well its a awesome game that I was playing it a few days ago. Anyway I was on my 2nd Rank mission and the boss was this woman named Bad Girl who was dressed in a tarted up version of sweet lolita. Anyway I felt like sharing and see what you guys think. Also I'm not the one fighting in this clip.
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I was just thinking about a com like this the other day! I was pleased to find it already exists. I need more people to play DS with so maybe this will help..?

My name is Juli, formerly juli_rawks but now switching to this name for lolita purposes.
My favorite style is Sweet, and I occasionally dabble in classic.
A photo for you of my most recent outfit.

My favorite System is the Nintendo DS, but my boyfriend has a 360 so I play that to. I currently have a gold trial under the name of julinofooly so if you want to add me, please feel free! Here are the games I have right now
Sonic The Hedgehog (the 360 one, bleh)
Beautiful Katamari
Bomberman Live
Puzzle Fighter HD
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
SIM CITY DS (Which I play constantly lately)
Pokemon Diamond
Card Fighters DS
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue
and a flash cart so I can get some others (I have Cooking Mama 2 and AC:WW right now)

If anyone has any of these DS games or 360 games let me know! I love playing with others but rarely have the opportunity now.

In other gaming, I play Ps2 sometimes and arcade games often, but almost only for Bemani (BIG DAMN SURPRISE RIGHT YEAAAA). I love IIDX (An arcade near my hometown has Gold and I've honestly played it even more than DistorteD CS) and Pop'n Music, as well as Drummania and Dance Maniax I used to play DDR a lot but not anymore. I'm a huge bemani nerd, currently a frequenter (and in the top ten posters) of Bemaniso, as well as site staff on Bemanistyle. I mostly am in it for the music, as I kind of suck (I can barely do higher than 5s on IIDx and 18s on pop'n, though I can play and pass anything in Dance Maniax). The Bemani scene is my main scene, with Lolita right behind it, so I think it's funny that pop'n is popular with lolis. (btw: hehehehhee)

By the way, the Liddell picture is kinda iffy on your user info page. You can find a full vector here that's been made for for public usage, by Agent Pyro003