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gamerlolitaz's Journal

Gamer Lolitaz: For those who love Japanese Fashion
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All Members , Moderated
Hello this is a community for people in lolita fashion who also have a passion for gaming. How will you know what to post in this community.

Lolita Gamers Acceptable Posts:
1. Introduction Posts
We might know you as a person in lolita fashion but we might not know you as a gamer. So please if you want to make an introduction post. But please include the following.
a. You're favorite style of lolita fashion (this may be a picture of you or just "I like the gothic lolita look" type text)
b. Favorite games or genre of games.
2. Lolita spot posts.
Please not when you see a character that is "inspired" by lolita or a game that specifically has lolita in it. Please check at least ten posts prior to make sure that it wasn't posted before. (I'll have the tag system running soon. So in the mean time just make sure to just check a little bit before just to make sure there are no reposts)
3. Modifications of your systems
Everyone makes modifications to they're systems like adds stickers or puts straps on their new portables, or even makes skins for them. If you have recently done a modification to your system that is in the lolita style or even "inspired" or "cute" please post them up. The way you present your system of choice states a lot about you. So please lets see them.
4.Gamer lolita pictures and movies
Let's say that you have a lolita meet up at the local arcade and you wanted a special place to show off the pictures. Of course there is the EGL community, but please don't forget about us here OK?! We would love to see your pictures playing games while in lolita. Or your little movies. So I ask you to cross post them here or just link up the gamer lolita pictures here. Everyone would be grateful that you did.
5. Reviews of games
Lets say you got a new game and you wanted to tell the community about it. But could you of course you could. Sometimes you don't know about the fun games, until someone talks about it. Just make sure that you tell what genre it's in and why it should be on "Lolita Gamerz" this should be in the first part of the post before the cut. ( For Example: Taiko no Tatsujin portable 2; I think this is a great game for lolitas on the go who have a PSP because of the cute characters and the easy to pick up and play ability of it.... And then cut for the real review)

Basic Rules:
1. Keep topics on the basics of "Gaming" and "Lolita Fashion"
2. Long posts and pictures over 400 X 400 under a cut please (and thank you when you do)
3. Keep foul language to a minimum (please don't drop the f-bomb after every word)
4. Debates are allowed but please don't just go (that game sux) please let's have your opinion on why a game is good or bad.
5. In reviews list the ESRB rating. All sorts of people play games and people need to know if that game is for everyone or for adults. There will be more of an eye kept on "M rated games" then there will be on Teen rated games. So please don't get offended if me or one of the MODS asks you to edit your post or put that post under a cut.
5. Graphic pictures are not allowed. Sorry guys, that's what gaming forums or your personal journal are for. We don't need to see pictures of people getting hacked in half... It's just not... Very Good... So please, your journal or a gaming forum. We're trying to make this community friendly to everyone.
6.Have fun!
(Note: These rules are subject to changes or additions {I will tell you if I add rules or change them} or revisions to keep the community moving in a positive dirrection)

Here's Liddell from the Pop'N Music Series with a little message for everyone
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